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The experts at Columbus Worthington Air focus on delivering outstanding HVAC maintenance and repair services in the Dublin, OH, area and surrounding communities. We’ll help you keep your family safe and comfortable in every season.

When your heating or cooling equipment is on the fritz, we can sympathize with how disruptive it is for your household. That’s why we pledge to provide professional service without delay. You’ll see why we’ve earned a reputation for offering HVAC repair in Dublin, OH, homeowners can trust.

Our certified HVAC technicians know all the major heating and cooling manufacturers. They follow industry best practices and can handle any problem, big or small. If your furnace makes strange noises, we offer heating repair in Dublin, OH can rely on. And when your AC doesn’t cool each room equally, we’re standing by to assist.

You can reduce the total cost of HVAC system ownership when you book annual maintenance services from CWA. Maintenance helps boost efficiency , which lowers utility bills.

Each friendly, expert technician goes the extra mile to provide the best  customer service. We will carefully listen to your questions and devise a customized repair plan for your equipment.

About Dublin, Ohio’s Climate

Residents of Dublin, OH, discover that the local climate presents difficulties for home maintenance regarding plumbing and HVAC equipment. The humid, hot summers and face-numbing winters characterized by gusty winds mean that your family requires plumbing and heating equipment that you can depend on working, no matter how hot or cold it is outside.

Dublin homeowners experience at least 14.4 days every year with temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Mugginess and high heat force your HVAC equipment to labor longer and harder to keep up with cooling demands. The extra work can result in total equipment breakdown or expensive repairs. Unfortunately, winter’s bitter cold can cause your pipes to burst, which means costly repair work,time, and effort to deal with water damage.

With your family’s comfort on the line, you don’t want to risk DIY plumbing or HVAC maintenance or repairs. Mistakes can lead to more expensive repair bills. Ideally, you’ll hire experts such as the team at CWA to check out your HVAC system, determine what’s wrong, and then make a repair plan to execute upon your approval. We know Dublin’s climate affects your home systems and are standing by to help!

For future HVAC specialists, you’ll be glad to know Dublin has the School of PE on Metro Place North. Students here obtain comprehensive HVAC maintenance and operations training under the supervision of knowledgeable teachers.

CWA Answers Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a furnace to make weird sounds?

The motor or blower may not be working properly. Don’t try to assess the situation or repair it yourself because of the possibility of danger from working with a furnace without certification and training. Amateurs can make the problem worse. Hire CWA for expert furnace repair Dublin OH residents have come to depend on.

What are ways we can boost our dwelling’s IAQ?

  • Change air filters per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Set up a regular HVAC maintenance plan
  • Use an air purifier

A CWA technician will detail the most appropriate solutions for your home and family.

Can homeowners put in their own HVAC systems themselves?

In short, no. You need training, experience, and certification to do the job properly. Amateurs risk voiding the HVAC equipment warranty and making mistakes that will be more expensive to fix. Rest assured that CWA’s technicians can install your new HVAC system smoothly and efficiently.

How come my AC will not activate?

  • Electrical issues
  • Broken compressor
  • Malfunctioning thermostat

Homeowners should avoid the DIY route and instead contact experts from CWA to check out issues with their thermostat, compressor, or electrical component. Do not attempt this dangerous work yourself without training and experience.

What causes the AC to blow warm?

  • Malfunctioning compressor
  • Clog in the filter
  • Leaking refrigerant

Remember: Trying to assess or repair a broken AC can be dangerous. Hire CWA for the best air conditioning repair Dublin, OH has to offer.

When should we arrange HVAC service?

Usually, homeowners should schedule maintenance at least once annually, but we recommend more frequent service according to how old the equipment is and its current condition. Ongoing maintenance helps your system run efficiently and can prolong its useful service period.

Should homeowners try cleaning their own air ducts?

Technically, you may be able to clean the ducts, but our experts do not recommend this. You need special gear and knowledge to verify the duct cleaning goes properly. Without training, you could be injured or damage the property.

What will help us reduce power bills?

  • Seal leaks at doors and windows
  • Install energy-efficient appliances
  • Schedule annual HVAC maintenance

What’s the service life of HVAC systems?

How long it will last depends on how often the system has been maintained, its condition, and the installation date.

For heating and cooling in Dublin, OH, homeowners can feel confident about, contact Columbus Worthington Air today! We serve the entire area, including Belvedere, Donegal Cliffs, Riverside Woods, Tartan Fields, Westbury, and more.