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It’s winter, and many homeowners have considered, or urgently need, the replacement or installation of a new furnace. However, with the multitude of brands, models and types available, how can you decide? And what should you look for?First and foremost, a properly-sized furnace should provide only the amount of heat you need for your home, regardless of the temperature outdoors. They should not constantly run, or provide too much or too little heat for your family’s comfort.Generally, most furnaces on the market are between 80-97% efficient. What does this mean? If a furnace is considered to be 97% efficient, 97% of the heat that is produced by the furnace travels through the ductwork and into your home. 3% is wasted outside. So the lower the efficiency number, the lesser amount of energy that is produced by the furnace is actually converted into heat for your home.What does this mean to you as a homeowner? It’s simple: due to wear and tear, and improved energy and HVAC standards, some older furnace models that are many years old may only be operating at 50 or 60% efficiency. Installing a new, more efficient model will significantly reduce your energy costs from month to month.The second factor to think about when considering a new furnace is the size of furnace you need. You’ll need to look at such things as the design of your floor plan, the existing ductwork, your current insulation, the temperature you want to maintain in your home, and other factors such as door and window location.While these factors are crucial to the type and size of furnace you need, you really should consult with an expert if you do not have experience in sizing furnaces. There are multiple HVAC industry and government energy standards that you must abide by, and you certainly don’t want to buy the wrong size or model of furnace to save on costs, only to find that your home really needs a much larger one. This could result in higher monthly bills, and possibly wasted money if you end up purchasing a larger unit.If you would like to make the right decision from the start, and you are in the central Ohio region, call Columbus Worthington Air. Our trained and licensed heating specialists are furnace experts. They will perform a home energy audit on your home to determine the exact reason your equipment is not running as efficiently as possible, as well as review such things are your home size, current energy bills, floor plan and installation, and analyze your existing ductwork. CWA will not only recommend the most efficient heating equipment that would work for your home, but also verify that the quality of your heated air, as well as how it is distributed throughout your home, are adequate for your living environment.Contact us today!