What Is a Backup Generator and Why Should You Have One?

July 20, 2023

When lightning strikes or the power goes out, your family is left in the dark for hours or even days at a time. Perhaps you’ve gone out of town and a power outage took your sump pump out of commission, allowing your basement to flood. A backup generator can be a valuable asset to your Columbus home, read more below to find out how.

What Is a Backup Generator?

A backup generator, sometimes called a standby generator, is an independent power supply system for your home. When it’s needed, the generator turns on and supplies power for your home through an electrical input system. When independent power is no longer necessary, the system turns off. No prompting from the homeowner is necessary. A backup generator creates power using an engine that runs on diesel or even natural gas. The generator has a power transfer switch that trips when power to your home is interrupted, causing it to kick in and supply power for as long as necessary. Today’s backup generators are sleek, quiet, and extremely efficient. The same muffler technology that dampens noise from your car ensures that when your generator is running, neither you nor your neighbors will be disturbed.

Why Get a Backup Generator?

Backup generators were once considered a convenience, but in today’s electronic age they can be invaluable. If you work from home, a power outage can wipe out projects or data you need for your business. Loss of power affects many of your home’s essential systems as well, such as security systems, heating and cooling, and sump pumps. A lack of power in your home can be particularly devastating if you are not home when the interruption occurs. Water damage can cost thousands of dollars to address, and a home without a functioning security system presents a burglary risk. Power outages may interrupt important computer functions, damaging valuable electronics and resulting in a loss of data. Knowing that your sump pump, air conditioning, heating, and security system will remain functional regardless of a power outage provides important peace of mind. Additionally, if your area is prone to frequent or prolonged power outages, the ability to maintain normal function within your home-including cooking, showering, and running your HVAC system-ensures your family will be comfortable and safe regardless of the length of a power outage.

A backup generator is not only a convenience, it can save you thousands of dollars in property damage should a power outage occur. You can learn more about the residential generators offered by Columbus/Worthington Air by clicking through the information on our website. Check out our Learning Center page to read through more useful information about your home’s heating, cooling, and electrical systems.

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