What Is a Standby Generator and When Do I Need to Get One?

July 20, 2023

If you’ve ever experienced a power failure at home, you know that they often occur at the least opportune times. Whether a power outage has left your sump pump without power during a flood-producing storm or you’ve sweated for days without the power to run your air conditioning, you’ve likely already experienced the downsides of relying solely on your city’s power grid. A standby generator offers a convenient solution to protect your home and your comfort during times when power is not available. When you purchase a standby generator for your home, you’ll enjoy both convenience and peace of mind regardless of the weather or other conditions that affect the power grid.

What Is a Standby Generator?

A standby generator is an independent power source for your home. While your outlets and other electrical systems normally receive electricity from a city power grid, when this grid is damaged or fails, your home is left without power. A standby generator uses a fuel source, typically diesel or natural gas, to generate power that can then be fed into key systems of your home. The generator remains dormant until a lack of external power trips a switch, which activates the generator to begin producing electricity as needed. Standby generators are available in many different sizes, allowing you to choose how many of your home’s systems you want to power in the event of a blackout. Smaller generators can be used to power sump pumps, HVAC systems and refrigerators, while larger systems can provide enough power for many or all of the systems in your home.

When Do I Need One?

A standby generator can be useful in many different types of situations. Because you cannot predict when your power will go out, having a standby generator always at the ready will provide you with peace of mind that you cannot achieve any other way. Weather is one of the most common factors in power outages, with both summer and winter storms causing blackouts that can last anywhere from minutes to days. If your home loses power while you are away, a generator can ensure that your home security system, sump pump, and other important electrical systems remain intact. This can prevent break-ins, floods, and other extensive damage to your home caused by a lack of power. Furthermore, in today’s electronic age, power outages can cause you to lose valuable computer projects or data. A standby generator will eliminate the effects that power outages can have on your work or personal records. If your home loses power for many days, a standby generator will also ensure that you have enough power for cooking, refrigeration, hot water, and heating or cooling so you can remain comfortably in your home during this time.

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