Benefits of Installing Central Air Conditioning

September 20, 2023

Central air conditioning uses one centralized HVAC appliance to cool air for distribution via ducts throughout a structure. If you own a home, central air conditioning can be an appealing option that offers many benefits over maintaining multiple window air conditioner units. Central air conditioning can keep your entire home cool in a convenient and cost-effective manner.

Greater Cooling Capacity

One of the major benefits of choosing to install central air conditioning in your Columbus home is the greater cooling capacity afforded by a centralized unit. Individual room air conditioners are designed only to cool a small area, meaning you must install many units in different rooms to achieve comfort throughout your home. Relying on many separate air conditioning units to cool small areas of your home can become an inefficient means of cooling and dehumidifying a large space. Central air conditioning provides equal cooling throughout your home using only one system or unit. You’ll be able to enjoy a cool, comfortable environment in every room of your home using a single thermostat to set the temperature. Central air conditioners are also more effective at removing moisture from the air, further enhancing your comfort levels throughout your home.

Improved Convenience

While the ability to cool only a single room may be convenient at times, the overall method of using multiple room air conditioners to cool your home can become inconvenient. To save energy, you must turn individual units on and off whenever you enter or leave a room. Central air conditioning allows you to enjoy a cool environment in any room of your home at any time. And, you can use a programmable thermostat to control the temperature throughout the day if you wish to improve your system’s energy efficiency. If you are still concerned about saving energy with a central air conditioning unit, temperature zoning can provide you with the precise temperature control throughout your home that you want. Zoning allows you to set the temperature in various portions of your home using separate thermostats. Cooling is still provided by your central unit, while dampers in your ductwork direct the flow of air.

Lower Noise Levels

Individual room air conditioners package an entire air conditioning system into a single unit. Because the entire unit is located inside the room, there are higher noise levels associated with window or room air conditioners. If you have many units installed in adjacent rooms, their noise levels can combine and further disrupt the peace and quiet inside your home. Central air conditioners are typically placed in unobtrusive areas of the home, such as basements or garages. This limits the noise you will hear as your air conditioner cools the air because there may be many closed doors and even one or more levels of your home between the appliance and your living space. Split systems take this benefit a step further by placing one portion of the air conditioning system outside the home entirely. This design allows for even quieter function, thus improving the overall environment inside your home by contributing less noise for a quieter, more peaceful space.

A central air conditioning system can improve indoor comfort and lower your energy bills, making it cheaper and more convenient to cool your Columbus home. If you’d like to learn more about air conditioning installation and maintenance with a qualified professional, visit our website to check out our HVAC products and services. You can find additional tips and information on cooling your home effectively on our blog.

Last Updated: September 20, 2023