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You may already know that upgrading your old, outdated manual thermostat to a digital programmable option can help you save money on heating and cooling throughout the year. Now, the next generation of programmable thermostats is here: smart thermostats. Smart thermostat technology takes the programmable aspect of your thermostat one step further, adding Wi-Fi capability so you can adjust your thermostat from any computer or even your smartphone, whether you’re home or not. These devices offer other benefits as well, such as data tracking and auto alerts to keep you up to date on your home’s HVAC system’s needs.

Smart Thermostat Basics

Programmable thermostats are designed to help homeowners save energy and money by customizing your heating and cooling practices. However, studies show that many homeowners fail to program their thermostats, either because creating programs is confusing or inconvenient. Smart thermostats improve upon the programmable thermostat concept by making it easier than ever before to control your home’s temperature and take advantage of the energy savings such practices offer.

A smart thermostat features all the capabilities of a digital programmable thermostat. You can change the temperature in your home manually, or create programs around your schedule to maximize heating and cooling efficiency throughout the day, week, or month. Unlike basic digital thermostats, however, smart thermostats also feature Wi-Fi capability. This brings your home’s climate control online so it can be accessed from anywhere, whether you are on another floor of your home, at the office, or on vacation. You can connect to your smart thermostat from any internet-enabled computer to adjust your temperature or set up a new program. Most smart thermostats are also available with accompanying smartphone apps, allowing you to access your temperature settings from anywhere in the world with your internet-enabled phone or tablet.

Smart Thermostat Benefits

In addition to the convenience offered by smart thermostat technology, smart thermostats can also help you track your heating and cooling usage and help you save even more energy and money. You can access statistics and information about your heating and cooling habits in graph format, allowing you to easily determine ways to reduce your energy usage. Additionally, many of today’s newest smart thermostats feature “learning” technology, allowing your thermostat to track and learn your heating and cooling habits to deliver the right temperature with the greatest energy savings automatically.

Smart thermostats can also be programmed to send you alerts whenever the temperature in your home falls outside a specified range or when it’s time to change your air filter, schedule maintenance, and more. Other features include humidity tracking, screen locking capabilities, and customizable touchscreen colors and backgrounds.

Smart thermostat technology is quickly gaining popularity because of its convenience and improved energy savings for homeowners. Click over to our website to check out the smart thermostat products we offer, or take a look through our blog to find out more about HVAC accessories and how they can improve your heating and cooling experience.