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Expert HVAC Service for Homeowners in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Columbus Worthington Air has a reputation for providing outstanding Reynoldsburg HVAC services.

We handle it all, including:

Each member of the team is devoted to offering excellent service so your family stays comfortable and safe every season.

When summer arrives, you can depend on us to keep you cool, whether you need a new installation or repair. When winter approaches, our professionals provide the best furnace repair Reynoldsburg, Ohio, has to offer, along with maintenance and installation for a cozy abode.

Because good indoor air quality is of the utmost importance for healthy families, our experts know how to boost IAQ, optimizing with:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Humidifiers
  • HVAC systems

We’ll help you breathe more freely with fresher air. Our IAQ experts will help you maintain respiratory health.

Ductless mini splits can help heat and cool your abode more efficiently than standard HVAC equipment. Mini-splits are ideal for boosting comfort in individual rooms and throughout the house. We’re ready to assist with a bespoke installation plan.

Have you been considering a home generator? Our experts will consult with you to create a suitable backup solution for your specific energy needs.

It’s essential to have a functioning thermostat so you can operate the HVAC system efficiently. We’ll help you select a thermostat that works best for your family.

Columbus Worthington Air offers service throughout the communities of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, such as Brookside Park, Millstream Village, The Villages At Summit Wood, and the surrounding region. As your preferred HVAC experts, we’re devoted to providing the highest level of customer service.

HVAC System Resources 

Columbus Worthington Air is standing by to answer your questions about system installation, maintenance, and repairs. To learn more about systems before calling us for service, here are some resources to consult: 
Reynoldsburg Building Department, located at 7232 E. Main Street (Phone: 614-322-6802), takes care of HVAC permits and verifies compliance with the city’s building codes. 

Reynoldsburg’s Development Department supervises zoning rules and how land is used, with advice on replacing HVAC systems. Contact them at 7232 E. Main Street or call 614-322-6807. 

If you have questions about fire safety issues, the Truro Township Fire Department is located at 6305 E. Livingston Avenue in Reynoldsburg. Keep them in mind for assistance with fast responses during emergencies, address HVAC concerns, and help you plan for safer evacuations.

Providing Outstanding HVAC Services 

Columbus Worthington Air is the preferred source of HVAC services for homeowners across Reynoldsburg, Ohio. 

We’re devoted to keeping our customers comfortable in their dwelling throughout the year, offering heating and AC expertise, help with thermostats and other equipment, and exceptional indoor air quality service. 

CWA’s technicians deliver the highest level of customer service, from fast repairs, new installation projects, to help boosting IAQ. You can count on us for all your heating and cooling needs, and generator service to run the system during blackouts. With CWA, your home will stay comfortable all year long! 
We serve the whole Columbus Metropolitan area, including nearby communities like Blacklick, Delaware, Galloway, Hilliard, Marysville, Powell, Worthington, and more.



What can I do about freezing HVAC pipes and coils, and why does this happen?

Pipe and coil issues occur when:

  • Refrigerant is low
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Airflow problems occur

Contact Columbus Worthington Air for help. Our technicians are adept at determining the reason for frozen pipes and coils and will take care of the problem as soon as possible. We’ll thaw out the equipment, fix any leaking refrigerant, clean or replace filters, and fix whatever’s broken. Homeowners should not try to thaw the system on their own, because of the potential to break it.

What’s the impact of Reynoldsburg’s climate on HVAC equipment?

Residents in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, experience major temperature swings every season. The temperature spikes to an average of 85 degrees Fahrenheit in July with a 64 F dew point. Humid, warm conditions make HVAC systems work excessively to keep up with cooling requirements.

By the time we hit January, temperatures plunge to an average of 27 F, which makes it hard for heating systems to keep homeowners cozy. Hail, lightning, and tornadoes during the springtime in Reynoldsburg means homeowners should keep their systems functioning dependably.

What causes condensation to accumulate on HVAC equipment — could there be a mold issue?

As one of the leading air conditioning repair companies, we know that when an HVAC unit malfunctions or if there is high humidity, you’ll see water accumulating. Yes, mold can be an issue under such circumstances. Mold thrives in moist environments, leading to bad indoor air quality and posing health threats. Call CWA to schedule an HVAC service call and figure out what’s causing the condensation. We’ll devise a customized plan to maintain or repair the system so it stays drier and drains optimally.

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