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Honeywell generator

Professional Generator Installation and Maintenance

Columbus Worthington Air installs the highest quality generators from Honeywell. Don’t be left in the dark; protect your home and your family’s belongings with a residential standby generator. With many size options, we can provide a generator to handle any emergency electrical event.

Types and Benefits of Automatic Standby Generators

A standby generator also called an automatic start generator, is your home’s backup power source in the unfortunate event of an electrical failure. The machine is set to passively monitor the home’s power, activating its switch almost immediately when it senses the primary energy source has been turned off. It will then transfer the power back once the primary source is returned, so there is no need to brave the cold and turn it on manually.

Generator Sizing Options

Our automatic home generators are classified according to wattage, in sizes of 10kw, 12kw, 15kw, and 20kw. The size you require depends on the size and needs of your home. You may consider the 10kw generator enough to keep necessities like the refrigerator, freezer, and any electricity-controlled plumbing active while you wait for a power issue to get sorted. Or, you may require a 20kw generator if you work from home and can’t afford to have your communications devices go down for an extended period. Four-bedroom home will require more power than a two-bedroom home. Of course, we’ll work with you to calculate the best option for your specific needs based on our professional experience.

Why Do You Need A Generator?

The cold winters of Columbus, Ohio, are no stranger to inclement weather, and no family should have to face the cold without a reliable source of heat if the power goes out. In the event of a powerful storm that leaves power down for an extended period, the risk of spoiling food in the fridge and freezer becomes an extra inconvenience on top of the genuine threat of the cold.

An automatic house generator provides peace of mind against events that may cause your home to lose power, natural or otherwise. This is even more important in modern times when everything runs with machines. Being stuck inside during a blizzard is no fun, but it’s especially grueling with uncharged cell phones and no television. Some devices that run on power, like CPAP machines and respirators, are much more serious.

Automatic Standby Generator Installation

You need only select a generator that suits the needs of your home, and we’ll handle the rest. A non-intrusive installation and verification of working order follows, where we ground and connect the generator, and then ensure all necessary safety protocols are in place before we consider the job complete.

Contact Us Today for Information About Automatic Generators

Don’t wait until you’re sitting in a dark and cold home to think about buying an automatic standby generator. Contact us via email, phone, or live chat and we’ll be happy to walk you through the details of generator installation.

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