Questions to Ask Your HVAC Contractor

July 25, 2023

Whether you are experiencing problems with your heating and cooling system or you are planning an HVAC upgrade, your Columbus HVAC contractor has the information and advice you need to make the best decision. Knowing the right questions to ask can help you stay on track to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective home heating and cooling solution for your needs.

How Old Is My HVAC System?

So long as only periodic small repairs are needed, your HVAC system is likely functioning as it should. However, if you start encountering more widespread or frequent problems that cost more than your past few repair jobs to fix, the age of your furnace and air conditioner may come into play. Determining how old your HVAC system is and whether it’s obsolete or reaching the end of its useful life can factor into future decisions when choosing repair versus replacement.

How Does My Home Affect My HVAC Performance?

HVAC contractors understand that HVAC systems do not operate in a vacuum. Even the most efficient HVAC system may be hampered by a home that is poorly-sealed against air exchange with the outdoors, which can affect interior temperature and the work needed from your furnace and air conditioning. Whether you are planning to make HVAC upgrades or not, improving your home’s energy efficiency through weatherstripping, insulation, and other repairs can drastically improve the ease with which your HVAC system can maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

How Should I Maintain My HVAC System?

Whether you are keeping your old system or installing a new one, maintenance is an essential part of a healthy HVAC system and a comfortable home. Taking the time to perform or schedule necessary maintenance tasks will improve the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling systems, while also prolonging their lifetime and reducing the need for repairs. Your HVAC technician can tell you exactly what you need to do to maintain your system based upon your HVAC usage, the type of appliances you have, and any other factors.

How Efficient Is My HVAC System?

There are many terms and numbers associated with HVAC efficiency. It can be difficult to sort through all this information on your own, but your HVAC contractor will be happy to help you better understand the current efficiency of your system or the most efficient new system to suit your needs over the long term. Furthermore, HVAC efficiency can depend upon many factors, such as frequency of usage, your desired comfort levels, the size of your home, and the quality and condition of your air ducts. Your HVAC specialist will take all of this into account to explain the efficiency your current or desired system is capable of achieving, instead of simply quoting the black-and-white SEER or AFUE values printed on the box.

If you have questions about your Columbus home’s HVAC system, our experts have the answers you need concerning maintenance, repairs, and replacement. Visit us on the web to reach one of our professionals today, or click through our blog for additional tips, advice, and the latest HVAC news.

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Last Updated: July 25, 2023