New Home Heating and Cooling Evaluations

July 25, 2023

Moving to a new home is always an exciting event. You want your new Columbus home to be perfectly-suited to your needs, offering comfort and convenience from the moment you walk in the door. A home’s HVAC system plays a large role in the value and comfort of that home. Knowing that your new home’s HVAC system is in good repair will get your move off to a great start. Before you purchase or move into a new home, scheduling an HVAC inspection will let you know the condition of your home’s heating and cooling systems and whether they are at risk for problems before you make a bid.

Why You Need an Evaluation

The first step in determining the status of your new home’s heating and cooling system is to schedule a professional HVAC evaluation. Even if you have already scheduled a home inspection, most home inspectors are not well-versed in complicated HVAC systems. While your home inspector will make a cursory evaluation of the home’s furnace and air conditioner to ensure they appear in good condition and will activate via the thermostat, these may be the only checks he makes. However, this is not enough information to truly know how your HVAC system will function over the long term after you move into your new home. Scheduling a separate HVAC inspection with a qualified HVAC service technician will give you the information you need to truly evaluate the home’s comfort systems. This inspection will provide you with details such as whether the HVAC system has been properly installed, whether it has been well-maintained over the years, and possible problems that may arise in the future due to any past poor repair jobs or normal wear and tear.

What To Do After the Evaluation

A new home heating and cooling inspection will tell you the full status of the home’s furnace and air conditioner. With this information, you can determine whether any repairs or replacement of the system will be necessary, either before or after you move into the home. Problems with the HVAC system may prompt you to talk to the seller about making repairs or replacing older appliances before you place a bid; alternatively, you may ask the seller to change the price of the home if you will need to purchase new heating and cooling appliances after you move in. Regardless of whether you ask the seller to replace the system prior to move-in day or whether you plan to schedule the replacement yourself, it’s important to make sure you get the heating and cooling system you want and have it properly installed. A high-quality system that is installed by an experienced HVAC service will ensure that you’ll enjoy many years of comfortable and cost-effective heating and cooling in your new home. Even if system replacement is not required, make regular professional maintenance a priority to keep the existing system in good repair, so it will last its full functional lifetime before requiring replacement.

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