How Maintaining Your Furnace This Summer, Can Save You This Winter

September 19, 2023

While you’re busy trying to keep your home cool this summer, spare a thought or two for your furnace. A few simple maintenance tips will ensure the heating system in your Columbus home stays in good repair and is ready when you need it this fall.

Do a Walk-Around

Take a moment to do a quick once-over of your furnace. Walk around the unit to check for any damage that should be repaired. Avoid storing gear or furniture around or against the furnace or its ductwork, as this can damage both your heating system and anything left touching it. Ensure that the pilot light is active and that nothing flammable is near the area.

Get a Tune-Up

Summer is a great time to schedule a tune-up of your heating system. Contact an HVAC expert in the Columbus area and have them perform a full inspection of your furnace. This will ensure all parts are clean and in excellent working condition long before they are needed. Dirt and dust can significantly reduce your furnace’s efficiency and damage its coils and other parts in the long run, so regular cleaning is important. Also stock up on air filters and check that the one you have in place is clean. These filters trap dust and any other particles before they can enter and damage your furnace.

Schedule Duct Cleaning

For more efficient heating tomorrow-and cooling today schedule an air duct cleaning for your Columbus area home. Over time, dust, debris, and allergens can build up inside your home’s ducts. This inhibits air flow and degrades the air quality inside your home. Additionally, leaks in the ducts can lead to less efficient heating and cooling. Having your ducts professionally cleaned and sealed will go a long way toward lowering your energy bills while improving the comfort inside your Ohio home.

Replace If Necessary

Have you been thinking about replacing your furnace? It is well over a decade in age? Are you worried because it’s starting to need repairs? Replacing your furnace in the summer, when it is not needed, is infinitely preferable to waiting until the unit fails in the dead of winter. Take your time to shop around for a new model, and consider purchasing an ENERGY STAR qualified product for additional energy savings. Your HVAC specialist can help you make the right choice concerning the best model for your needs. While you’re at it, consider replacing your old thermostat with a programmable thermostat as well. An up-to-date thermostat is an excellent way to ensure your home stays at the temperature you want. It will help you effortlessly save energy by programming daily temperature changes so you don’t forget.

An efficient heating and cooling system creates a stress-free, energy-efficient home. We invite you to read through the information on Columbus/Worthington Air’s Learning Center webpage to find out more about furnace maintenance for your Columbus home. You can also visit our website for more tips from the pros or to schedule HVAC services for your home.

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