Heat Pumps: Common Wintertime Problems

September 19, 2023

Heat pumps offer low-cost heating and cooling for your Ohio home, helping you save money while ensuring year-round home comfort. Because Ohio experiences very cold winters, heat pump systems are coupled with electric furnace air handlers to provide supplemental heat when the air temperature is too low for the heat pump to operate efficiently. Knowing how to spot heat pump and air handler difficulty is an easy way to head off heating problems before they can significantly affect your comfort or your heating bills. If you notice a change in the behavior of your heat pump or air handler, calling for prompt heater repair in Westerville, OH, is a smart move that will help you maintain a healthy and comfortable home this winter.

Heat Pump Icing

During the winter, one of the most common problems that homeowners experience with their heat pump is icing. While heat pumps cycle through a defrost mode regularly to remove ice from the unit, very cold or wet conditions can cause more ice to form than the defrost mode can easily handle. Ice buildup can damage the components of the heat pump, cause fan blades to become stuck or reducing the amount of heat transfer inside the unit. Checking your heat pump regularly is the best way to determine whether ice could be affecting its function; especially if you’re having trouble with your heat, take a look at the outdoor unit to determine whether it’s bogged down by excess ice. If you do notice an ice problem forming on the heat pump, turn off the unit and call for heater repair to address the issue before it can cause further damage.

Loud Blower Noise

Regardless of whether your heat pump or your furnace is providing heat for your home, your air handler’s motor will distribute heated air through your ducts. Thus, a problem with the blower motor can result in high operating costs and poor home heating; if the motor burns out completely, you won’t receive any heat through your registers, even if every other element of your heating system is functioning properly. Loud noises that are audible when the blower is active are an indication that professional heater repair is needed. Some of the most common noises are rattling, screeching, and clanging, which are often associated with poor lubrication and worn or broken parts inside the motor. The sooner you call for heater repair, the sooner your HVAC service can have your blower motor to running efficiently and quietly once more.

Cold Air

A heating system that doesn’t blow warm air into your home may have one of several problems. First, check that your HVAC system is switched to heat; if the temperature outside is very cold, check to see whether your heat pump or your furnace is the system currently providing heat for your home. If your heat pump is blowing cold air, it could be due to a compressor or a refrigerant problem; if the furnace is failing to provide backup heat, there may be an issue with its electrical components or a damaged heating element. Your professional heater repair service can quickly determine the reason for the cold air coming from your system and make any necessary repairs to restore normal home heating for comfort.

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Last Updated: September 19, 2023